Discover how to detoxify, re-build & nourish your body from the inside out using our range of enema products. They're easy to use and provide EFFECTIVE relief from many health conditions.

Immune Benefits

Suffering from frequent cold or flu, congestion, run-down, asthma or eczema?

- Decrease Illness Frequency
- Reduce Inflammation
- Reduce Allergies & Fatigue
- Improve Skin & Gut Health

Gut Health Benefits

70% of your body’s immune system is located in your gut which plays an essential role in your wellbeing.

- Increase Energy Levels
- Relieve IBS Symptoms
- Improve Digestion
- Improve your Mood

Women's Benefits

The joy of being a woman! Regular enema's can support Women's health through:

- Improved PMS symptoms
- Fertility & preconception
- Menopause symptoms
- Helping the body fight cancer

Fatique Benefits

Fatigue can affect us both mentally and physically with our taxing day to day lifestyles. Enema's can:

- Reduce Toxicity
- Increase Restful Sleep
- Boost Seratonin Levels
- Reduce Stress & Anxiety