Now for the first time in South Africa you can study and become qualified as a Colon Hydrotherapist!   We are proudly now a RICTAT CERTIFIED COLON HYDROTHERAPY SCHOOL. 
Graduates will have an internationally recognised certification. Graduates of the COLON THERAPIST TRAINING @ COLON CARE  may join RICTAT (www.colonic-association.net) or GPACT (www.gpact.org)
Below left: Richard Spencer and Eudisha Balikaren Bhimsan Graduates April 2010.  See graduates page for their comments on the course.
Below right: Jeanne Brooks and Lindie LeaGraduates Sept 2010.
See Graduates page for their comments on the course
Richard Spencer and Eudisha Balikaren Bhimsan
Graduates Jeanne Brooks and Lindie Lee
There is continual registration for theory work. Theory will take between 8 weeks and 12 months to complete depending on your previous knowledge and experience, this is completed via distance learning.You may take up to 12 months .
February 19th to 24th 2017 
June 18-23 201
August  20th-25th  2017.
October 29th to November 3rd 2017
Contact us for further details as dates may change or more courses added  depending on demand.
  Booking form will be sent to you in a separate email, once we have received your booking form we will invoice you and send you our banking details.
  • Who can train?
  • Students should have a keen interest in natural health, and be dedicated to caring for others in this rewarding profession.
  • Students must have a prior post graduate education in basic anatomy and physiology, i.e.  homeopath, chiropractor, nurse, beauty therapist, massage therapist, contact us with details of what you have to see if you qualify.
  • Matric certificate

If you do not have post graduate A&P contact us for basic RICTAT Approved A&P pre study course for Colon Therapists. 

Colon Hydrotherapy Training Foundational Level
Course Admission:
Admission to the foundational level Colon Hydrotherapy training course is designed for postgraduate students or those with existing practical experience in health and body care, applicants need to show an understanding of:

General Nutrition:
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • The effects of massage and touch
  • The importance of empathy and human interaction and the ability
    relate to clients in a holistic environment.
Examples of useful qualifications and or experiences include, a holistic or beauty therapy diploma, a personal training diploma, a certificate or diploma in nutrition or massage, social science or medical degree, nursing qualifications, care experience, sports therapy, health or fitness studies diploma, a diploma in naturopathy, herbalism or homeopathy.
However, individual circumstances will always be taken into account, and assistance with preparation to the course will be offered to those who need it.
If you do not have post graduate A&P contact us @ janeboyle@live.co.za for  Basic RICTAT Approved A&P pre study course for Colon Therapists .
A 100 hours of  study will be required. As soon as you book your course and pay your deposit, you will receive your manual and workbook, to enable you to prepare for the course. Please give yourself enough time for home study, in order to get the best from your investment into the course. Admission to the practical course is also subject to an in person or telephonic interview to access your readiness.
Our Training System:
During the colon hydrotherapy foundational course, you will be required to participate in or conduct 20-25  practical sessions over the duration of the course. You will learn how to apply your understanding of the equipment, your knowledge of the digestive and nervous system and your skills in bodywork to provide high quality treatments for your client.
You will also be required to receive a minimum of 2 colonic
treatments during your course, this will of course be subject to any contraindications that you may have.
The practical part of the course takes place over 6 days in Kloof KZN. The training days are long full days, so be prepared and come well rested.
We Operate a Continual Enrollment System
This is a 150-hour course, divided into three stages..
Stage one:
40-60 hours pre-study (distance learning)
Stage two:
40-60 hours completion of the assignments to qualify for the Colon Hydrotherapy Theory Milestone Certificate.
Stage three:
50 hours (6 consecutive intensive training days) practice including 20-25 treatments, seminars and workshops followed by the exam to qualify for the Colon Hydrotherapy Practice Milestone Certificate, this entitles you to practice colon hydrotherapy.
This certification will entitle you to apply for membership with RICTAT Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers, a highly respected international association based in the UK. Graduates may also join GPACT this is the Global Professional Association of Colon Therapists. Go to www.gpact.org. Association membership is not mandatory but recommended. 
THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL FEE OF £30 THIS IS FOR STUDENT REGISTRATION WITH RICTAT and will be valid for 12 months . Graduates qualify to be full members of RICTAT a UK based organisation for integrative Colon hydrotherapists.

COURSE FEE:  R26 500  
RICTAT and any other association membership fees  AS ABOVE ARE ADDITIONAL AND SEPARATE FROM THE COURSE FEE.

Time to complete the course:

This depends on your previous knowledge and experience, the minimum time to complete the course is 6 weeks, the maximum time is one year from the date of payment of the first installment, this can be extended in exceptional circumstances.
Single installment:
You can pay for your course in either a single installment of R26 500 a R1500 discount applies to a full up front payment.
Schedule of payment by installment:  
The initial non-refundable fee of R9000 is payable on booking your Colon Hydrotherapy Foundational Course. On payment of this fee you will receive the manual, the workbook, and all your assignments.

All materials are supplied in electronic format and are yours to keep.  
This fee entitles you to tutor’s feedback and assistance with your assignments, completion report and Colon Hydrotherapy Theory Milestone Certificate.
All assignments must be submitted to us electronically. Your assignments will be checked and you will receive individual feedback. After you have passed the first three assignments and personalised theory test you will receive your Colon Hydrotherapy Theory Milestone Certificate that entitles you to proceed to the practical week.
The balance of R17 500 is payable 6 weeks before the start date of the practical week, this includes the final qualification exam resulting in the Colon hydrotherapy Practice Milestone Certificate, that entitles you to practice colon hydrotherapy.
The 50-hour practical week is by far your main milestone. It must be booked and paid for at least 6 weeks in advance of the practice dates. You will be involved in 20-25 practical treatments during the 6 days. Your client models and everything else you need will be provided to you in the training centre.
On the final day you will sit your combined test and receive your Practice Milestone Certificate.
The practical weeks are organised for a maximum of 3 students. This is why if you have booked on the practical week but your circumstances have changed please give us as much notice as possible so that we can offer your place to another student who will need to have enough time to put in the mandatory pre course study time.
Please make sure you put in the pre study time required. We reserve the right to ask you to withdraw from the course without a refund if you have not achieved the minimum competence level required by the time the course begins and you are not able to keep the pace of learning of your study group.
The deposit of R9000 is non refundable. There is no penalty for moving the course dates for up to 2 months prior to the start date.
A 50% penalty applies to all cancellations/refunds for up to 6 weeks before the start of your course. No refunds will be given thereafter.
If you wish to move the dates or cancel your course please notify us in writing. Telephone calls or messages cannot be accepted. Emails with a receipt request are the best way to advise us of your intentions as they contain the date and time of the message. Otherwise if you post a letter please check that we have received it 5 days after posting.

Physical Address for Practical course
Colon Care @ Watercrest Wellness
68 Link Road
Kloof 3610
South Africa
Information on B & Bs in the area can be sent on request. Where possible Accomodation may be offered in my home for a nominal fee.
Airport transfer to B & B and transport from B & B to course can be arranged. Colon Care is conveniently walking distance from two shopping malls.
Please feel free to contact me with any queries regarding the course.

Please contact me for recommendations regarding equipment and supplies manufactured locally in South Africa.
Contact us for more information on training for this rewarding career.
Tel:  + 27 (0)83 304333

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